Founded in 2009, XXC Magazine was a digital magazine and website dedicated to mountain bike racing and dirt culture. The focus of XXC was on endurance mountain bike racing and epic rides in the dirt: 100 mile races, multi-hour endurance events, stage races, bike-packing, gravel racing, ultra cross and all day adventures. There was also more than a fair share of cross-country, fat bike and cyclocross racing.

Along the way XXC Magazine produced 18 issues that featured articles, photos, essays and stories that illustrated the pain, emotion, humor and occasional absurdity that can be mountain bike racing. We were the purveyors of long, hard, dirty fun.

For a variety of reasons, XXC Magazine is no longer in production and xxcmag.com will no longer be updated. You can see more on the blog.

Thank you.

Photo by A.E. Landes

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