XXC/AV: Highchair Kings

Barring the German band Kraftwerk’s Tour de France album and the Decemberist’s Apology Song, there aren’t that many songs about bikes or cycling.** However Minneapolis’ Highchair Kings are giving it a shot with the song Crush Gravel which appears on their debut EP to be released later this month. I am always a fan of artists being inspired by cycling whether they are writing, creating music, taking photos, videos or making independent magazines (ahem, cough, cough).

Highchair Kings
EP sampler:

Best of luck to the Highchair Kings, keep crushing!

**It came to my attention (via some Googling) that the insufferable John Tesh made a few (?) albums worth of soft-core porn, meets neoclassical, meets suit and tie guy rock Tour de France inspired music. I’m still not sure that I am as much of a fan of Mr. Tesh or not?

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