XXC Web Digest No. 1

Full issues of XXC continue to be on hold for a variety of reasons but I am introducing a new “quick shot” of XXC that is for now called the XXC Web Digest. A three to ten (in this case five) page PDF download that is more than than blog post, less than a mag and not quite (yet) an App (but I am working on that with my non-team of uber-geeks).


For the first issue we talk with Topeak/Ergon’s Eddie O’Dea about his recent Huracan 300 race and his move from racing endurance lap races to ultra mountain bike events. We also give you a list of some of the ultra events that are approaching in the coming months. The cost of the digest if FREE. I have done my best to embed links of note (i.e. races, bikes, etc.,) so feel free to click around the issue. I know this isn’t quite a “real” issue of XXC Magazine, nor what I entirely wanted, but it feels good to too get some pages out there in the web-o-sphere. Look for more of these digests in the coming weeks and months.


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