XXC Magazine

XXC Magazine No. 18


It’s been a long while, but XXC Magazine is back. While things didn’t go exactly as planned for the issue (see page 4, Not As Planned by Jason Mahokey), the mag is once again jammed with stories and photos from the world of mountain bike racing and dirt culture.

Ed Oxley takes on the Rovaniemi 150 race in Finnish Lapland, Paul Errington and Chris Schotz share two views of Trans Iowa 2013, Eric “Adventure Monkey” Benjamin races 100 miles of muddy Oklahoma gravel at the Land Run 100 on his fat bike and Ryan King gives us a look at the history and highlights of VeloDirt’s Dalles Mountain 60 ride. Lastly Jason Mahokey takes a look at the popular race “series” known as the Triple Crown: The Ore To Shore, Chequamegon 40 and the Iceman Cometh.

This final issue of XXC Magazine is available at MagCloud.com in three formats: PDF download, iPad App (via the MagCloud App) and in print.


XXC Magazine No. 17


XXC 17 has features from literally all over the world and the world of endurance racing and riding: gravel, ultra cx, stage racing and bikepacking. Over 60 pages of features from Trans Iowa v.8, The Stage Coach 400, The San Juan Hut To Hut 200, Black Mountain 3 Day, The Dirty Kanza 200, Crusher In The Tushar, the BeMC stage race and much more!

XXC Magazine No. 17 – $3.99 at MagCloud.com

XXC Magazine No. 16


XXC Magazine #16 features photo and stories from the Spa City 6 Hour, the Barry-Roubaix and the 155 mile AntiEpic gravel road race. Heidi Volpe talks with some of the riders who attended the 3 day training camp/ride binge known as Camp Lynda and writer James Murren takes us mountain biking in Guanacaste, the “desert” of Costa Rica.

Regular contributor Eszter Horanyi talks about the agony and the ecstasy that can be found in a canceled race, Christopher Tassava ponders “Why Gravel?” and coach Lynda Wallenfels gives us some tips on how to stay sane during multi-day solo bikepack races.

XXC Magazine No. 16 – $3.99 at MagCloud.com

XXC Magazine No. 15


XXC Magazine is back for another season with our 15th issue! In this issue we have photos and coverage from the 127 Mile Oregon Stampede, Arrowhead 135, 12 Hours of Pitch Black Singletrack, Farmer’s 3 Hour Fat Bike Race and The Heck of The North. Plus interviews with the UCI’s #1 ranked women’s marathon mountain bike racer: Sally Bigham and with N.U.E. series contender Mike ”Simonster” Simonson. All this and more in XXC Magazine #15.

XXC Magazine No. 15 – $3.99 at MagCloud.com

XXC Magazine No. 14


XXC Magazine No. 14 features stories and coverage from Iron Cross IX, Autodrop Invitational, Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race and Iceman Cometh. We also ride along with Dirk De Bruyker and his friends as they attempt a ride in California’s Coe State Park that could have them gaining as much elevation as Mt. Everest! We also look at the Brown County Breakdown, the UK’s Bear Bones 200 and The 25 Hours of Frog Hollow.

On top of all that you’ll find an interview with 2011 Women’s Marathon and 24 Hour Solo Solo National Champion Monique “Pua” Mata by Heidi Volpe and Part II of Jason Mahokey’s travels to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

XXC Magazine No. 14 – $3.99 at MagCloud.com

More coming soon, please visit XXC Magazine on MagCloud.com or the Apple iPad MagCloud App for more.

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