XXC/Bikeflights/MBR Giveaway

bfbrauler_aOur friends at Bikeflights recently contacted me and offered up one of their Brauler growlers to give away. So we are doing just that and more!

This is the deal: Anyone who purchases a digital copy of XXC Magazine No. 18 from July 20th thru August 23rd, 2013 will have their email address entered into a random drawing to win a 67+ oz. stainless steel growler from Bikeflights known as the Brauler. We also have a Bikeflights T shirt or two, some XXC Magazine stickers and Ben at Mountain Bike Radio is throwing in some MBR stickers and socks too, so it should it should be a nice little prize bundle in the end.

What is a Brauler? Bikeflights.com describes it as such…

“The ultimate growler is here just in time for cross season (or cheering at your local XC/XXC event!!). Adorned with a laser etched Bikeflights logo, this stainless steel vessel will keep your favorite craft beverage fresh while neoprene sleeve keeps it cold. Also great to take hiking or fishing!”

Rules, etc., etc., Employees of XXC Magazine are not eligible (Good thing I already have one and it rocks!). Winner will be contacted via the email provided for the download the day of the drawing. The winner then has two days to respond, provide address, sizing, etc.,. If they don’t respond, bad luck for them we’ll pick again. I know some folks purchased the mag via MagCloud, and I thank you, but MagCloud purchaser info is something I am not privy to. If you really want to be in the contest, you can send your MagCloud order confirmation and email address to xxcmag at gmail.com, with the subject XXC No. 18 CONTEST, and you will be added to the list. PLEASE MAKE SURE THERE IS NO FINANCIAL INFO ATTACHED (i.e. credit cards numbers, etc.,) that is not my business. If you purchased the mag through xxcmag.com, you are automatically entered in the contest. This contest is good for only purchases of XXC Magazine No. 18 and stickers packs purchased from July 20th to August 23rd only. XXC Magazine, Bikeflights, Mountain Bike Radio etc., are not responsible for what you put in the Brauler or what happens to you when drink said soda, pop, juice, craft beer, bad water, hot coffee, etc., etc.,

Thanks and good luck!

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