X100 Update

Recently John from the X100 checked in with xxcmag.com to let us know what is going on as the race approaches on August 24th in Traverse City, Michigan.

As of now the X100 is expecting 150 and 200 racers by race day, with the majority of the entries being individual 100 mile racers. John also reports that the gravel road sections are sandy and bumpy and that some good rains could really help out with low pressure being key for most racers.

On the other hand, he report that the single track west of Kalkaska is fast and flowing before racers hit a section of trail they are calling The Hangover. With it’s diverse terrain, scenery and vegetation the race should be really cool. The X100 told us that they are hoping racers will finish and say “Wow! That was hard and felt like a travelled a million miles.”  (or at least 100) Right now the course is 95% ready, with the exception of a few small connectors due to logging. Conditions have been pretty dry, so about 1/3 of it is rough, sandy and bumpy; but the rest of it is beautiful riding though canopies trees and great scenery.

There is still time left to register so click, register and race.