What The Heck XXC?

OK, you may have noticed a few things around the site of late. One of which is that the site is in construction mode. Forgive me while I re-construct. You will also notice that the blog is now called News & Cult:ure. Why XXC, Why? Well, I am going to tell you.

When I started XXC Magazine it was to bring attention to endurance mountain bike racing and epic adventures. The main reason was that I was doing endurance racing and was sick of there being no press for it. Enter XXC Magazine in 2009. Nothing has changed in that regard, XXC will continue to be the number one media ambassador for endurance racing.


Too many of us just love racing bikes in the dirt, whether it be endurance, gravel, cross country, cyclocross or short track. I for one am drawn to the entire culture of mountain bike racing which includes the aforementioned formats. Mountain bike racing is like a cult (or a drug?) you might start with a simple XC race and the next thing you know you are doing a 100 miler or 24 hour solo, then a gravel race, then someone suckers you into racing cross and then doing a bikepacking trip. There is so much dirt to ride and race on out there, I want to highlight as much of it as possible. I want to talk more and more about our “cult” our “culture” our Cult:ure.

In a country where poker and cheerleading competitions often get more TV coverage than bike racing I think there is a place for more mountain bike race coverage and all of its bastard brothers and sisters. I hope that is cool with you all.

XXC Mag’s coverage hierarchy goes as follows:

  • Endurance Mountain Bike racing (Stage races, hundies, marathons, 24 hour racing, etc.,)
  • Gravel racing and Ultra CX (Road racing on dirt, so it’s way better. Fact.)
  • Bikepacking and Adventure Cycling
  • XC Racing (This format should be just as popular as cross, if not more, it just needs some love)
  • Cyclocross (XC racing in the local park on skinny tires and it’ll do just fine).
  • Fat Bike (mountain bike racers need SOMETHING to do in the winter or in deep sand).
  • Trail Riding (riding singletrack and having fun… I hope so!)
  • Enduro, Free Ride & Downhill… Umm… ahh… probably not, maybe something here or there, but there are plenty of mags covering that stuff, just visit your local newsstand.
  • Road (Sure, HA! Just kidding, we don’t need no stinking road, unless it’s a dirt road or we’re talking about some old school badass who probably raced on (wait for it) dirt!

Now is all of this set in stone? NO.


Jason Mahokey
XXC Magazine

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