Vintage Gravel

Today while snooping around the Web on work time I found this photo of some cyclists (circa 1885) who appeared to be into to crushing gravel as much as I, eer, I mean we do.


It is noted that hand written on the back of the card it says “possibly a Detroit group” in reference to the cyclists (way to represent Michigan gravel!)

Reminds me of the XXC Gravel Riders T Shirt XXC had a year or so back…


Thinking I might bring this t-shirt back, maybe on a new color of shirt? Thoughts?

I also love the pic below (date unknown) of racers racing on the one time dirt roads of Detroit.


Reminds me of the old XXC Dirt & Gravel Club T…


Hmm… maybe I’ll bring that back too, if for no other reason than mine are worn out. Looks I may have been onto something with my T ideas!

Fun stuff from back in the days when all cyclists crushed gravel and rode dirt roads… ’cause that’s all there was! Ha!

Photos via the archives at the Uof M.

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