Un-Production Notes


You have probably noticed that I have not been updating the website or Facebook page with news and the like for a couple of months now. That is because I am in the final stretches of the “un-production” of the magazine and site.

If you have read the magazine and my Introduction columns, you surely noticed that I’ve always struggled with the ability (financially and mentally) to keep the magazine going, yet I always managed to find the inspiration and “give it one more go.” When I could no longer find that desire and even worse saw my love of riding and racing diminish, I knew it was time to let it go.

I have done a ton of races in my life, and more than a handful have ended with a DNF. Not finishing something that you have worked hard for, trained for and invested a lot of time and money in sucks. However sometimes it’s the best thing to do, especially if you want to continue to enjoy riding and racing your bike.

To the readers who thought a magazine filled with stories and photos from the world of endurance mountain bike racing and riding was cool and picked up a copy, I say thank you (I really thought there would be more of you, ha!). To the writers and photographers who shared their talents for less money than they deserved, I also say thank you. Without you there would not have been an XXC Magazine.

I will be continuing to publish my eight year old and counting personal blog for a creative outlet, but for the foreseeable future, none of that will include the further production of XXC Magazine or xxcmag.com. The site will remain live (at least until the hosting contract runs out in a year or two) and the events calendar will continue on with 2013 dates until January 1st, 2014, but all 2014 race dates will be handled by mountainbikeradio.com, stay tuned for more details on that.

Issues 5 thru 18 will continue to be available at MagCloud.com in three formats: PDF download, iPad App (via the MagCloud App) and in print.

Thanks and best of luck, see you out on the trail.

Jason Mahokey
XXC Magazine


Photo: thesoiledchamois.net

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