The Mountain Feed Bag Is Back!

XXC Magazine is happy to share this news about the return of a product that I (and many XXC contributors) really dig. Check it out….

Revelate Designs acquires Mountain Feed Bag from Epic Ride Research.

Anchorage Alaska, 4/21/11

Revelate Designs LLC. has acquired the Mountain Feed Bag product from Epic Ride Research of Oakridge, Oregon. All rights associated the product, manufacturing, sales and distribution have been transferred to Revelate Designs. Revelate welcomes this complementary addition to their product line of endurancecycling accessories while Epic Ride Research owner and founder Christa Olsson has moved onto other passions and projects.

The Mountain Feed Bag carries food and other gear mounted to the handlebars of the bike and allows for one handed on the fly access to its contents. The bags are popular with endurance mountain bikers and touring cyclists alike. Revelate Designs ( manufactures and sells innovative lightweight gear carrying systems for many types of cycling with its roots tied to ultra endurance mountain bike racing.

Revelate Designs owner Eric Parsons had this to say, “We are stoked on taking Mountain Feed Bag under our wings. It’s a great product that meshes well with the rest of our lightweight touring gear. For this summer there will be a few immediate updates to the design of the bag and possible variations down the road to serve different uses in the endurance cycling world.”

Christa Olsson, founder of Epic Ride Research had a few parting comments: “I’m happy to announce that Revelate Designs is the new owner of Mountain FeedBag Eric and I have been doing business with one another for about a year, and it was fun to share the vision of producing domestically made, ultra-endurance mountain biking products. It’s been a fantastic few years with Mountain FeedBag. Its been so fun watching people enjoy using this new kind of ride bag. It was so rewarding to hear their ride & race stories and how it helped them.”

Mountain Feed Bags are available for purchase with shipping worldwide through the Revelate Designs website.

For more information visit

From XXC Magazine: Back in the early days of XXC Magazine, when we were horizontal, eMag only, and still working out the kinks of the XXC look, we did some reviews. The Mountain FeedBag was one of the ones I did (XXC Magazine #4). This was my own personal MFB, it was not given to me, but bought for my personal use from Epic Ride Research. I dug it so much after a season of racing, I shared some FeedBag feed back. I am interested to see the updates Eric has in store for the bag. Below is look at the review in XXC Magazine #4. The full mag can be viewed [HERE].


Press release information provided by Eric Parsons/Revelate Designs LLC.



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