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Are You XXC Magazine-ish?

Just some stuff for a few of you to think about along with me as XXC Magazine thinks out loud about the future of the magazine…

In the coming months I will be planning an attempt to re-launch XXC Magazine as a quarterly or at very least a bi-annual magazine dedicated to endurance mountain bike racing and culture (which includes XC, CX and gravel racing).

For this to happen the magazine will need some help and a lot of things have to fall into place first (I am working on that stuff now), that include, but is not limited to, the following:

Contributors: XXC will need folks who enjoy and want to photograph and/or write about mountain bike racing and culture. You don’t have to be a professional writer, photographer or a Pro racer, but XXC does ask that you enjoy doing these things and are professional enough to be able to work within the deadlines set by XXC Magazine and able to fulfill your commitment.

While this is in NO WAY a full time job, you will be financially compensated for your contributions. To start you probably won’t get as much as you would get if you wrote for one of those ad filled newsstand mags but XXC Magazine does hope to offer more than it could in the past.

XXC will also be looking for dedicated freelance contributing editors who can commit to being a larger part of each issue and xxcmag.com. The goal would be to have contributing editors grow along with and be part of the magazine.

NOTE: XXC is looking for original previously unpublished content.

Copy Editor/Proof Reader: As much as I love to write, I suck at grammar. Hell even some professional writers suck at grammar. That is why XXC will be looking for a proof reader to make sure that the copy in XXC Magazine and maybe even xxcmag.com is top notch. This will not be a full time job or even a part time job. But more of a paid freelance gig with an option to grow with the magazine. Editor MUST be picky, fickle, a tad anal retentive and able to work within the deadlines set by XXC Magazine.

There are a few other things that XXC needs to have happen along with some some stars that need to align, but I wanted to put this out there for folks to chew on in the coming weeks.

Thanks for thinking about it and stay tuned, I hope to have a bit more insight to all this in the coming year. I would love to have a new issue of XXC Magazine out in Spring  or early summer of 2013.

Please feel free to contact Jason Mahokey at xxcmag at gmail.com to comment.

Jason Mahokey
XXC Magazine

Fun Hurts 12/13 T?

With the xxcmag.com “Winter Trax” T due to hit the store soon (providing they pass QC), I’m kicking around the idea of bringing back a variation on the old Fun Hurts T with some slight changes.

Not 100% sure it will happen and if it does, I’m not 100% positive when they would be in stock, so for those of you looking for holiday gifts, I make no promises. Not sure how many folks want to wake up Christmas morning and be forced to explain to their family why Santa brought them a T shirt with a pseudo cuss word on it! Awwwwk-ward.

FYI: for those of you saying “But Jason, why would I buy a T-shirt from you when you have been blathering about how XXC is no more?” Good question, my answer: While XXC Magazine is either A. going away or B. taking a multi-month break to reorganize and come back later in 2013, xxcmag.com is NOT going away and I still need to fund the site, etc.. Hope that’s cool with you all.


Video: Finding A Stoke

The other day Mike, from one of XXC’s few advertisers, emailed to ask about the deadline for the next issue. It pained me to tell him that right now I can no longer do the magazine alone and that XXC Magazine is on hold until I can find a publisher to work with or a group of  likeminded folks that “get” the magazine and want to become part of the magazine with me. But that is life, sometimes bad crap happens.

To Mike’s credit he didn’t just say “Thanks and good luck,” and move on, he sensed my disappointment and followed up with a couple emails showing me some examples of other NON cycling magazines that might be ones to look at as a model for what I want to do with XXC. One such magazine was The Surfer’s Journal. Yeah, a surf magazine. What the heck?

As soon as I got on The Surfer’s Journal website I knew I had to get my hands on an issue even though I have NEVER been on a surf board and there isn’t an ocean less than 900 miles from me. It just look that good. Mike also mentioned a short film that Patagonia did about the magazine and urged me to check it out, which I did. Check it out, it is really cool stuff and it once again stoked my XXC Magazine fire. While XXC #18 won’t happend anytime soon, it will happen again- someday. Seeing this short film is just what  I needed. Thanks for the tip Mike.


New Winter T Coming

Meet the new XXC T Shirt!

It’s not about fat bikes or skinny bikes, mountain bike, gravel road or cross racing… It’s simply about being on your bike and having fun making tracks in the snow. The above black and white graphic* will fill the front of a virgin white 50/50 blend long sleeve T shirt. The back will have a small xxcmag.com logo with our “Inspiring saddle sores since 2009″ tag line below.

Estimated in stock: Thanksgiving Day, 2012.

*Graphic is from a photograph shot by XXC.



The end of the road or the start of a new one?

Currently I am working on XXC Magazine #18 with varying degrees of sub-par success. The goal is to have it publish in mid-January. In all likelihood it will be the last issue of XXC, at least for a while, possibly until 2014. xxcmag.com will continue on as usual in that time.

I am proud of the magazine I have created and published and truly believe that there is a place out there for a magazine like XXC, but the facts need facing: XXC Magazine requires more revenue, business, financial and publishing knowledge than I have and can do alone. Doing the magazine has been an incredible journey but it is taking its toll on me mentally and physically: I’ve gained weight, drink too much beer, don’t sleep, eat poorly, don’t ride as much and race even less. UG!

While it appears to be the end, I am of course hopeful that it is not. In the days, weeks and months to come I plan on taking a variety of steps to improve/save the magazine, continue preaching the XXC racing gospel, and if at all possible maybe even find a way to get a pay check for myself for the first time in 3 years (I have a 17 volume, 1,000+ page portfolio if you want to see it!). I also plan to talk with some small business consultants and chat up some others for publishing advice with the hopes of having XXC come back bigger and better in the near future.

My long term goal for the magazine is to find a team of like minded, creative racers, writers and bike geeks (some of which are hopefully smarter than me!) who share the vision I have for XXC Magazine  and xxcmag.com and want to make the best mountain bike race magazine possible. Hopefully that would result in having myself as a contributing editor and the creative/art director. That’s the dream, that I can do. What I can’t do is continue to be the magazine’s owner/publisher/editor/art director/webmaster/writer/creative director/salesman/accountant all wrapped up in a ball of stress.

A huge, GIANT thank you to all of those who contributed their talents and adventures to the magazine over the years and to those who have supported the mag. To see folks at races wearing XXC kits, t-shirts and caps never failed to make me proud and was truly awesome. Thank you all. I also can’t thank my wife and son enough for their support and their sacrifices over the past few years. Sorry for being a moody bastard! I promise to stop being a freeloader now! Ha!

Time to get back to work, planning for the future of the mag and planning some rides for this weekend.

Jason Mahokey
XXC Magazine


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