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Brand New Retro

Neat video of the “retro road” race De RetroRonde van Vlaanderen.

From the RetroRonde site: The RetroRonde is not a competition, it’s a leisurely Sunday ride. You can choose to follow a route of 40, 70 or 100km through the rolling landscape of the Flemish Ardennes and up and down those well known cobblestoned slopes which make the race so famous. The bicycles you ride should date from before 1987 (or vintage styled) and so should the clothing you wear. You can stop in some of the scenic locations along the road, and refuel with local food and drink.

Check out the RetroRonde website for more photos and insight into this neat event.


Video: The Spirit of Pisgah

I found this awesome video today via the world wide inter-web: The Spirit of Pisgah by Dundee Cycles

Very nice shots of gravel and dirt road riding near Pisgah… Pisgah, Iowa that is, check it out.

Great job Dundee-folk. I love seeing races and industry people promote their goods and services in cool, creative ways.

You can also check out the Dundee Cycles website for a look at their bikes and some very sharp looking duds.


NPR Goes Fat

Many may have heard this already, but here is a nice little audio tid-bit from NPR with some Kevin Breitenbach (3rd place at the 2103 Arrowhead 135 and 1st place in 2012) about the growing popularity of riding fat bikes. It doesn’t share too much that most bike folks didn’t already know, but it’s nice to hear some cycling news in the press that has nothing to do with doping or a fatality on the road.


Video: A Day At The Races

I found this video out on the web-OH!!-sphere today from Cross Worlds. Really good stuff from Gizmo Pictures.

A Day At The Races
2013 UCI World Cyclocross Championships
Louisville, KY USA

Video: Gizo Pictures
Soundtrack: Experienced by Ludovico Einaudi
Camera: Panasonic GH2



Video: For Thousands of Miles

Here is a preview of a film that is not about racing or riding in the dirt but is about the big miles of riding across the U.S. and the experiences the rider went through on his journey and how it changed him upon his return home. . The film is called For Thousands of Miles and it is written and directed by Mike Ambs.

You can see more about the film and the project at ftomfilm.com.


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