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Photos: 2013 Ithaca Grand Prix of Cyclocross

This Saturday I drove down to Ithaca, Michigan to take some pics at the 2013 Grand Prix of Cyclocross.


I am by no means a professional photographer and usually have to monkey with the pics to get the look I want, so keep that in mind when viewing. Like my racing and riding, it’s mostly another expensive hobby that I am not very good at (ha!). Regardless of all that, below is slide show of what I have processed so far. If you did the race and want to download a photo for your personal use, just visit the Flickr set. There is no charge for the pics, but if you want to donate a few cents towards the XXC cause and our coverage of “dirt culture” by clicking the button below, I wouldn’t yell at you.

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Farmer’s Fat Bike Race Image Gallery

I have slowly been getting some shots up from last Saturday’s Farmer’s 3 Hour Fat Bike Race. Right now here are some of my favorite photos from the day. Not sure if you all will dig ‘em or not. They are all of various qualities, edits, artzy-fartzyness etc.,
















To access these photos and more from the Farmer’s Fat Bike click [HERE]¬†and visit my Flickr set from the day. I will be continuing to add more as the days go on. There is no charge for personal use of the photos (blogs, Facebook, etc.,) although credit to xxcmag.com is appreciated.

If you would like to further support XXC’s efforts to cover events, stickers and a limited supply of T-shirt are available here on the site and digital and print magazines are available at MagCloud.com. Thanks!

Photo credit: Jason Mahokey/xxcmag.com


Fat Pics Coming

XXC has a ton of video and pics coming from the Farmer’s Fat Bike Race in Grand Rapids on Saturday. Stick with me, I have at LOT of pics to process and a lot of video to edit. It was a fun race to cover and I am anxious to get to work on everything tomorrow. Stay tuned…