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Video: Jaro Talks XCM Worlds

Once again I find myself suckered in to posting a bike company’s marketing video, but I can’t help it. Specialized did a great job (as usual) of showing and letting Jaroslav Kulhavy talk about his bike for Marathon Worlds and a bit about the course. Check it out (or should I say Czech it out?) Continue Reading →

2013 UCI XCM World Championship Preview

2013 UCI MTB Marathon World Championships
Saturday, June 29th 2013
Kirchberg, Austria

On June 29th much of the cycling world will turn their attention to France in a mouth frothing, Phil Liggett induced cycloturbatory frenzy as the Tour de France kicks off. Good for them. At that time XXC will keep things on the dirty side and turn our attention to the UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships (and the B.C. Bike Race, but that’s another post) which kicks off the same day.

After last year’s mud bath in Ornans, France World Cup [see video highlights here] racers will be hoping for dryer conditions this year in Kirchberg, Austria where the race is part of the KitzAlpBike-Marathon and Festival. Continue Reading →

2013 Miles of DisComfort XCM Results

Saturday was the Miles of DisComfort marathon in Comfort, Texas. The DisComfort race is part of the Hill Country Bicycle Works Mountain Bike Marathon Championship Series that also includes the El Paso Puzzler and Excruciation Exam among others.

Evan Plews (Ibis Cycles/Real), fresh off his victory at the Puzzler last week, took the win again in the Men’s Pro/Open class. Alison Kinsler of the Stan’s NoTubes Endurance Team took the victory in the Women’s Pro/Open class with Melanie Etherton (Cycle Progression) and Kate Sherwin (Austin Flyers Women’s Cycling) rounded out the podium.

Here are the Pro/Open and Singlespeed results. Full results from other classes can be found [HERE].

Pro/Open Men

  1. Evan Plews (Ibis Cycles/Real)  03:44:10
  2. Andy Lee  03:55:04
  3. Adam Gaubert (Team Wooly Mammoth)  03:59:23
  4. Scott Henry (Chicken and Waffles)  04:04:49
  5. Charlie Rundell (Team Kordestani)  04:08:46
  6. Shey Lindner (CTown Bikes)  04:10:25
  7. David Hanes (Ride Away Bicycles)  04:11:28
  8. Jafer Baizer  04:14:31
  9. Sol Frost (Austin Bikes/Revenant)  04:21:17
  10. Matthew Barkley (Orange Seal Cycling/Texas Cycle Werks)  04:22:47
  11. Robert Biard (787 Racing)  04:26:49
  12. Scott Borne (East Bank Cyclery/Wreckless Racing)  04:28:46
  13. Steve Etherton (Cycle Progression)  04:29:10
  14. AJ Camp (The Peddler Bike Shop)  04:29:47
  15. Robby Ketterhagen (787 Racing)  04:41:49
  16. Chad Shanks (Team Soundpony)  04:48:31
  17. Billy Ray Cloer 05:18:29

Keith Hargis (RBM/Matrix) DNF
Brian McGrath (Sugar Cycles-180) DNF
Jed Rogers (271069) DNF
Joshua Rosby (Delta Racing) DNF
Tristan Uhl (ATC Racing) DNF

Singlespeed Men

  1. Jason Betz ((W)reck.less Racing) 04:28:45

WIll Black (Lonestar) DNF

Pro/Open Women

  1. Alison Kinsler (Stan’s No Tubes Endurance Team) 04:37:13
  2. Melanie Etherton (Cycle Progression) 04:40:39
  3. Kate Sherwin (Austin Flyers Women’s Cycling) 04:41:59
  4. Sarah Shanks 05:02:21

For more information on the Miles of DisComfort and Hill Country Bicycle Works Mountain Bike Marathon Championship Series visit the Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association at tmbra.org.



2013 Ultra-Endurance Tour “Schedule”

USA Cycling recently announced the 2013 Ultra-Endurance Tour schedule.

5.19 US Cup Sagebrush Safari 50, Lake Morena, CA
6.2  US Cup Big Bear Classic, Big Bear Lake, CA
8.10 Galena Grinder Whit Henry Memorial, Galena Lodge, ID
8.17 Templeton Cache XCM, Colorado Springs, CO

Nothing against the races that are part of the UET schedule, but given the sheer amount of endurance races throughout the U.S. (check the XXC Race Calendar if you don’t believe me) four races doesn’t seem like much of a tour. It’s also sort of hard for the UET to be considered a “national” series when there isn’t one race further east than Colorado Springs, Colorado. Maybe a Western States Ultra Endurance Tour or some such thing, but hardly a national series.

Tinker_JuarezGiven the schedule’s bias towards the west coast, barring injury, right now I really can’t see how now Cannondale/Sho Air teammates Tinker Juarez and Pua Mata won’t win the series again. But you never know, stranger things have happened I suppose.

In any event that’s the schedule, if you’re from the east coast and can afford the travel good luck to you.


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