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A Look At The 2013 X100

The following is my personal experiences at the X100 (I raced the 50 mile race) this past Saturday. It is basically a re-post from my personal blog (thus it being mostly about me and my follies), I have included some additional results and information to make it at least at tad bit interesting for anyone not me. My views and comments are based on the 50 mile race. I can’t speak for what the hundie was like.

After months of anticipation, the time for the inaugural X100 race just outside of Traverse City, Michigan had finally come. As a Michigander via Pennsylvania I was pretty happy to see the state get its third 100 mile mountain bike race, joining the three year old Hanson Hills 100 and the long running Lumberjack 100 events. Continue Reading →

X100 Update

Recently John from the X100 checked in with xxcmag.com to let us know what is going on as the race approaches on August 24th in Traverse City, Michigan.

As of now the X100 is expecting 150 and 200 racers by race day, with the majority of the entries being individual 100 mile racers. John also reports that the gravel road sections are sandy and bumpy and that some good rains could really help out with low pressure being key for most racers.

On the other hand, he report that the single track west of Kalkaska is fast and flowing before racers hit a section of trail they are calling The Hangover. With it’s diverse terrain, scenery and vegetation the race should be really cool. The X100 told us that they are hoping racers will finish and say “Wow! That was hard and felt like a travelled a million miles.”  (or at least 100) Right now the course is 95% ready, with the exception of a few small connectors due to logging. Conditions have been pretty dry, so about 1/3 of it is rough, sandy and bumpy; but the rest of it is beautiful riding though canopies trees and great scenery.

There is still time left to register so click, register and race.


Kenda NUE Series #7: Tatanka 100

Tatanka 100, Sturgis, SD
by Ryan O’Dell

The Kenda NUE Series welcomed a new venue on Saturday from the city of riders, Sturgis, South Dakota. Under sunny skies and pleasantly mild temperatures, racer’s rolled out at 5am on a backcountry loop nestled at the base of the northern Black Hills in extreme western South Dakota.


Sturgis is not only home to the world’s largest motorcycle rally but also harbors a growing community of endurance athletes seeking unparalleled scenery and challenge. Featuring a single grand loop, the Tatanka 100 course provides a mixture of gnarly single track and fast, smooth cruising. The majority of the course covers sections of the three longest official Black Hills trails: the Centennial Trail, the Deerfield Trail, and the Mickelson Trail.

The Tatanka 100 is held in conjunction with the Black Hills 100 Ultra-Marathon, which, in its first two years, has earned a reputation as one of the toughest foot races in the western US. These races share the same course for the first 50 miles, but the riders start one hour earlier, allowing them to get out front and avoid any congestion on the trail. Continue Reading →

Chequamegon 100 Race Rescheduled


It was disappointing to see that this past weekend’s sold out (for lack of a better term) Chequamegon 100 was forced to reschedule due to an insane amount of rain that dumped on much of the trail system in the days leading up to the race. However it was NOT disappointing to see the races organizers make the call though, as no good can come from 250 racers riding trails that just got up to 5″ of rain in parts. The 2013 has been rescheduled for September 21st, 2013.

More information about the Chequamegon 100 can be found at www.chequamegon100.com.

WEMS #2 – Stump Farm 100

Stump Farm 100

Former champions brought their decorated reputations to the mellowest course in the Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series at the Stump Farm 100 on June 8th. The Brown County Reforestation Camp system had seen some nice upgrades since 2012 thanks to the newly formed regional IMBA chapter, and just enough rain had fallen to bind the sand into a speedway that lived up to Stump Farm’s 12MPH reputation. Continue Reading →

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