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Jason Sager’s Sudety MTB Challenge: Stages 3 – 5

Today Jason Sager of Team Jamis shares the rest of his experiences from the Sudety MTB Challenge. You can see Jason’s previous posts [HERE] and [HERE].

Searching in gutters and along side the curbs of the bus depot here in Prague at 10pm, I felt like, and probably looked like, a junkie hunting for his latest or lost fix. And…in some ways, I was. Only my fix was an iPhone that was lost earlier that morning somewhere between taking a photo and a misaligned insertion into my back pocket while out on a ride.

I like to tell race stories around photos. Words paint pictures when you possess a deft hand with words, but failing that talent, I rely on photos as much as anything to simply jar my memory as much as share the experiences of a journey. We’re going photo free on this one, for the most part.

Stage 3 – The MTB Day

Natural whoops of loamy soil, filled with perpendicular roots and endless open canopy forests summarized today’s stage.

Racing from Stronie Śląskie to Złoty Stok, we took what amounts to a trail that is THE EXACT BORDER between Poland and the Czech Republic. When I say the exact border, I mean the trails traces the exact border line along the ridge tops of mountains and hills between Poland and Czech Republic, eventually dropping us into the old gold mining town of Złoty Stok. A trail 18″ wide and 20 miles long, filled with the roots of millions upon millions of bushes and trees, this stage was equal parts pleasure and pain. Slow loamy soil and horrendous climbing pitches required full muscular effort to keep from grinding to a stand still…but the rewards on the back side of the shark’s tooth stage profile provided constant smiles. Drago Smash stretched the elastic several times, from which I could rebound back to his inferno on the downhills, but each time it was a matter of when, not if, I would get put back into my place, which was 2nd for the stage, once again.


In action on Stage 3. Photo: mtbchallenge.com

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Sudety MTB Challenge : Stage 4

Stage 4 | Złoty Stok – Walim
Thursday, August 1st, 2013
Distance: 71.5 km
Ascent: 2403 m

Our Polish media contact Tomek Hoppe checks in with a brief update from Stage 4 of the Sudety Challenge: 


The fourth stage of the race ran from the Złoty Stok to Walim. There were some long uphills and technical descents today. After the start the bunch was divided into a smaller groups. At the lead of the race were five riders. Among them favorites: Tomas Vokrouhlik and Jason Sager. Continue Reading →

Jason Sager’s Sudety MTB Challenge: Stages 1 & 2

With the Prologue over, Jason Sager of Team Jamis checks in again from Poland’s Sudety mountains and shares an update of Stages 1 & 2 at the Sudety MTB Challenge. In case you missed it, you can check out Jason’s first post [HERE].

Stage 1 and 2 Reflections at Stage 3 Breakfast

Sitting here the morning of stage 3, I’m having my second cup of Nescafé. It is a telling moment.

A single cup of Nescafé is a less than suitable replacement for what would ordinarily be a welcomed first cup of proper coffee. Some concessions must be made when on the road, and while coffee compromise is a lamentable one, these things happen, and are relatively acceptable. For a single cup.To return for a second cup of the water soluble coffee indicates a dire situation where caffeine stimulation overrides the desire for pleasant flavor. We’re getting tired here at the Sudety MTB Challenge.

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