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Video: Bandit Cross

I really dig this short film produced by QBP/All-City Cycles. I also really dig the idea of “bandit cross.” Yeah I know, there’s nothing too new here, for years racers have been putting on unsanctioned, free to nearly free, gravel, mountain and cross races (just check XXC ‘s race calendar and you’ll find more than few events that won’t cost or win you a nickel). It’s not that I feel that unsanctioned, underground, free, yada, yada, yada is better or worse, or anything else, it’s just an alternative for riders to stay on the bike and off the couch.

It’s sort of freakish that I would find this concept cool given my enjoyment of routine and structure. I guess I dig it in the same freakish way that I somehow manage to dig music by The Smiths, Metallica, Fugazi and Girl Talk? Freakish.



2012 Big Bad Wolf CX Photos

Here is a slide show from Sunday’s Stomach of Anger Big Bad Wolf CX race in Midland, Michigan.

Some are good, some are bad, some are good at not being bad. Racers who would like pic for their personal use can get them free via the Flickr set (just credit Jason Mahokey/xxcmag.com). I would rather you buy a copy of the mag or some stickers or something, than give me cash for something I’m not that good at!  If you would happen to need them for other purposes, just shoot me an email at xxcmag at gmail.com, I am cheap and easy.

Getting anxious to start covering more XXC type races in the future. As always, I have lots to learn with a camera.


Video: Big Bad Wolf CX Race

xxcmag.com continues to prepare for a coming winter of covering various fat bike races throughout Michigan by photographing and shooting skinny tired CX video at the Stomach of Anger cross series.

This week I headed over to Midland to catch the Big Bad Wolf CX race. This video was cut short by a gust of wind that knocked over my tri-pod (booooo!) and clogged my lens with mud (booooo!). I also dealt with a smudged lens that I didn’t notice until I looked at the video (booooo!).

I had a great time watching folks suffering in the mud and snow. The course was challenging indeed. I didn’t make it in time to get video from the earlier races, just the Men’s race.

Now to try and get that camera fixed… At least it wasn’t my NEW camera! Ha!

A post with a link to some photos will be coming in the next 24 hours or so. Thanks.

Video: Jason Mahokey, xxcmag.com
Music: ‘Champions’ by Dan The Automator


2012 Swamp Thing II CX Photos

As I mentioned yesterday (I think)… In prep for some greater good (XC, XXC and Fat Bike race coverage), I made the trip to Lansing and took some video and pics at the Stomach of Anger Swamp Thing II CX race the other day. I showed the video, but thought I would link up the photos I took for folks to peep and download if they want (keep reading for link). There are a ton and you can help yourself to them for your blog and personal use. Continue Reading →


Video: Swamp Thing II CX Race

I took at little break from covering endurance racing on Sunday and went down to Lansing, Michigan to take some photos and video at the Swamp Thing II Cyclocross race. The Swamp Thing is the 6th race of the Stomach of Anger Cyclocross Series.

It always feels odd to be at an event and NOT be racing. Although it is a little easier with Cross, since it’s not really my “thang.” I do enjoy watching it though and only felt a SLIGHT tinge of regret to not being out on course with my bike. Good or bad, this is just another step towards trying to cover more events when I’m not racing (which the fatter and older I get is more and more often!).

Take a peep at the video and look for some pics in the near future. I took a ton, but since I am still learning my way around my new camera, I’l probably only post the ones I really dig.

NOTE: The video is put together over the course of the day’s events minus the Singlespeed race. Sorry, I had to split for home.


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