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Product Idea

After a week of watching Cape Epic videos from Specialized I think I can now safely say that I would like to produce a series of motivational, self help tapes featuring Benno Willeit. There’s something about his voice that if he told me to jump off of a bridge I probably would.

You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.
You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.
You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.
You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.

Just sayin’.


It’s Morning Somewhere, Right?


The 3 p.m. coffee break has become a staple here at XXC HQ. By 3 p.m. the three mugs I had in the morning have long worn off and I need that LITTLE kick in the chamois bits to get me to “quittin’ time” and in the saddle. I tried a 3 p.m. scotch and soda… that didn’t work so well.


Ready To Race (Sort Of)

I wish I was getting ready to go race tomorrow, as it is I am getting ready to go to a race, just not to race it (sad face).


Yep, me and my posse of cameras and tripods will be driving down to Grand Rapids, Michigan (Rapids El Grande) tomorrow morning to shoot some video and pics from the Farmer’s Fat Bike Race (race #1 in the Great Lakes Fat Bike Series). While it sure would be fun to race, I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a kick out of hanging out and taking pics. (Media whore?)

Sadly, it seems that the weather will be very UN-fat bike like as all the snow we had in these parts will most likely be gone come Saturday a.m. and temps will be in the 50s with some possible sun (more sad faces). It looks like it could be a very muddy race. I hope so, that makes pict-cha taking fun. Funny thing is that by Sunday the cold temps and snow moves back in. Maybe it will come early? (Like a premature sno-jaculation!)

I am also hoping that Sir Rick Plite (Mr. Barry-Roubaix/Mr. Lumberjack 100) is there, I’d like to heckle him if possible. Not for any real rason, just ’cause I like Rick and it would be fun to shout obsenities at him.  If not I’ll have to settle for heckling Danielle Musto…. Not sure I can bring myself to do that though, as she is too nice. I have to go with her hubby Scott. Then again Scott might kick my ass… hmmm… I better just keep my mouth shut and take photos.

Anyway, sorry for what seems like lot of fat bike coverage her on the site as of late, it’s just right now there is a lot of it going on and XXC can be a bit of a slut when about racing and has little prejudice about tire widths. As long as there is SOME sort of dirt (or snow) under those tires!

Enjoy the weekend, check back next week to see if ANYthing I shot turned out. Ha!



A Lot of Bread

Earlier today I was looking at cranks online. One model was a hoochie $620 elite level race crank with a weight of 629 grams. The other was the same company’s $285 mid level race crank that weighed 740 grams.

I got to wondering what that 111 grams might look like. I figured if I could see and feel 111 grams in my hand I would have a better idea of whether it would be worth the extra $335 to hooch it up.

Turns out if you take two and a half pieces of whole wheat bread and nibble one corner like a mouse it comes to 111 grams.


I then stood there in my kitchen looking and feeling like an idiot, holding the bread in my hands wondering if that .58¢ worth of bread was worth $335 worth of crank or not.

I found one of those hoochie cranks on close out a few years ago and I like it a lot, but after much deliberation, making a sandwich and wondering what I can do with a half of a piece of bread with a nibble taken out of it, I decided that for me– right now– it is not. I mean $335 is a LOT of bread.


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