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Tour Divide 2013


This Friday over 130 riders will begin the 2,745 mile journey known as the Tour Divide. The majority of the riders will be heading south from Banff, Alberta Canada, while a couple handfuls will be heading north from Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Some will be full on racing, some are just looking to finish, some are just hoping to survive. All of them will find something (good or bad) out about themselves along the way. We wish every rider out there the best of luck and a safe journey along the way.

You can follow the progress of the riders on trackleaders.com.

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XXC Web Digest No. 1

Full issues of XXC continue to be on hold for a variety of reasons but I am introducing a new “quick shot” of XXC that is for now called the XXC Web Digest. A three to ten (in this case five) page PDF download that is more than than blog post, less than a mag and not quite (yet) an App (but I am working on that with my non-team of uber-geeks).


For the first issue we talk with Topeak/Ergon’s Eddie O’Dea about his recent Huracan 300 race and his move from racing endurance lap races to ultra mountain bike events. We also give you a list of some of the ultra events that are approaching in the coming months. The cost of the digest if FREE. I have done my best to embed links of note (i.e. races, bikes, etc.,) so feel free to click around the issue. I know this isn’t quite a “real” issue of XXC Magazine, nor what I entirely wanted, but it feels good to too get some pages out there in the web-o-sphere. Look for more of these digests in the coming weeks and months.


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Mountain Bike Radio: The Jay Petervary Interview

jaypXXC friend and former podcast co-host Ben Welnak (now of mountainbikeradio.com) had the chance to talk with Jay Petervary (Salsa Cycles/45 North) the other day about his recent Iditarod Trail Invitational win.

Because MBR and XXC are mates (and I do crap like design logos for them!) Ben has graciously let XXC post up an excerpt of the  interview with Jay. Big thanks to Ben and MBR for that ’cause Jay is one bad ass endurance racer and it’s awesome to be able to share the interview here on the blog. Muchos gracias Ben Wel-Na-Kobi, Mountain Bike Radio and Mr. Jay Petervary.

For the complete interview with Jay visit mountainbikeradio.com.

For more Fat Bike ride check out the Ride Fat Bike Show on mountainbikeradio.com.