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Video: Deer Gone Wild II/Monstercross Results

A while back there was a video making the rounds of racer in a race in South Africa getting laid out by an antelope. Now there is fresh footage from this past weekend’s Monstercross race in Virginia of a racer getting jacked up by a white tail deer.

Dammmnnnnn! I sure hope the racer wasn’t hurt. That could NOT have felt good. Seeing that makes me want to unthaw that venison I have in the freezer.

mcheadOK, enough with the deer, here are the result from this past weekend’s 50 mile Monstercoss event:

Men’s Pro/Elite

  1. Jeremiah Bishop 2:33:13
  2. Jared Nieters 2:35:31
  3. Michael Stoop 2:36:33
  4. Keck Baker 2:37:04
  5. Jake Sitler 2:39:21

Women’s Pro/Elite

  1. Suzie Snyder 3:00:31
  2. Selene Yeager 3:01:59
  3. Nicole Thiemann 3:04:36
  4. Erin Silliman 3:09:29
  5. Vicki Barclay 3:11:34

Singlespeed (MTB)

  1. Jeffrey Hellner 2:56:57
  2. Wilson Hale 3:02:28
  3. Chris Holland 3:03:41

Singlespeed (CX)

  1. Adam Driscoll 2:50:38
  2. Jonathan Seibold 2:59:28
  3. George Lowe 3:03:31

For complete results across all age groups and classes click HERE.



Video: Bandit Cross

I really dig this short film produced by QBP/All-City Cycles. I also really dig the idea of “bandit cross.” Yeah I know, there’s nothing too new here, for years racers have been putting on unsanctioned, free to nearly free, gravel, mountain and cross races (just check XXC ‘s race calendar and you’ll find more than few events that won’t cost or win you a nickel). It’s not that I feel that unsanctioned, underground, free, yada, yada, yada is better or worse, or anything else, it’s just an alternative for riders to stay on the bike and off the couch.

It’s sort of freakish that I would find this concept cool given my enjoyment of routine and structure. I guess I dig it in the same freakish way that I somehow manage to dig music by The Smiths, Metallica, Fugazi and Girl Talk? Freakish.



Pittsburgh’s Dirty Dozen

Yeah I know, Pittsburgh’s Dirty Dozen is not a mountain bike race. Hell it’s not even an “official” event (no entry, no official support, etc.,), but…

A. It’s my website, I’m originally from Western PA & lived in Pittsburgh many years.

B. Almost like the spring classics, you need a mountain bike racer’s stupidity mentality  to do it.

C. Lots of my yinzer friends will be doing it.

D. The climbs of the Dirty Dozen are so badass and so steep, at times riders can’t even stay upright! THAT makes the Dirty Dozen worth talking about here on xxcmag.com.

I almost forgot E. ….

I totally freaking dig this poster that Pepper Namecard did to celebrate this year’s Dozen. The 12″ x 18″ poster features the names and peak elevation (it should feature the sick grade percentage as well!) of each hill and will surely add touch of swank to any abode.

Available at peppernamecard.com for $15.00 +shipping.

Check out this awesome documentary below featuring Mr. Danny Chew, Steevo, The Pflug, some of the YnSSr team and a host of other freaks and friends. Hell there’s even some Pittsburgh cobbles!

Good luck n’at to all my yinzer friends taking part in this year’s Dirty Dozen. I will be in town, but surely sleeping off some sort of family induced turkey/stuffing hangover. Although doing it WOULD give me the excuse to buy that poster! By the way, they also have a swank looking T too. Check it.

2012 Dirty Dozen
Start: 8:00 a.m. at the Bud Harris Cycling Track, Pittsburgh, PA