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Trans Iowa Ink

I recently found this this amazing display of ink from a 2013 Trans Iowa finisher while perusing the Internet.

Look for more from the 2013 Trans Iowa race in XXC Magazine No. 18 due out later this month or so.

Rider: Sort of unknown.
Pic: Obtained with hopeful permission via the inter-workings of the interweb and such.


The King Approves

Out of the office scenes

In attempts to lose the extra pounds of fatty slack that now surrounds my waistline, bulges my XXC kit like a pair of Wal-Mart stretch pants in line for the Golden Corral chocolate fountain and slows me down like fat camp escapee making a getaway uphill on a found downhill bike,  I have been forcing myself to get out and do some longer rides on work time (which just translates into working evenings). One of my favorite rides this week was a just under 3 hour road ride that had me finding a totally awesome framed photo of The King (circa on the cusp of Fat Elvis) along the road. “In the ghetto….”


I also found myself taking a hilly, 2.5 mile, deep gravel connector road to avoid some high traffic roads.


Let’s just say 25c tires at 100+ psi and a front derailleur that picked a fine time to not want to get into the 34, had me out of the pedals and on my feet for about 50 yards or so up the first hill. Oh well, my butt wanted a break anyway. The downhill was fun of course with only the bare maximum of fish tailing and “oh shits!”

Today’s rain showers have forced me indoors, pushing pixels and dropping words for the next XXC. Back to work, thanks for letting take a break to talk about The King (and my slack rolls).

- Jason




Video: 2013 Barry-Roubaix Crashes

The folks at SammysEliteRacing put together a little short video that shows some of the crashes from this past weekend’s Barry-Roubaix race.

Thing is, there were a hell of a lot more! I didn’t even see this batch of folks during my race and I saw a number of folks on the deck.

If you click the link to Sammy’s video page above you can see som more of the race (without crashes).


Bad luck hits Topeak/Ergon at Cape Epic

Bad luck (amongst other things) has hit the Topeak/Ergon Racing team at the 2013 Absa Cape Epic. After some great prologue finishes on Sunday (Alban Lakata & Robert Mennen finished 4th and Sally Bigham & Milena Landtwing finished 2nd) both teams have been forced to pull out of the event.

Stomach infections have taken down the team of Bigham and Landtwing and Robert Mennen was involved in a crash with and antelope (video below) and hurt his shoulder, forcing him to abandon the race! Sad news for the team indeed. XXC wishes them all best of luck in their recoveries.


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