More Hard Rocks!

The School of Hard Rocks Expands

After 5 years of trying to establish an effective educational platform for mountain bikers, Fast Forward Racing Productions has lined up a series of progressive, individual camps that add up to form the School of Hard Rocks, a complete education for today’s mountain biker. These schools are for everyday riders, weekend warriors, and anyone with a passion to ride and enjoy the most technical terrain that awaits us out on the trails. While it is not necessarily a racing oriented school, it utilizes some of the most talented racers on the east coast to instruct and illustrate the finer points of going fast on rocks, over logs, and not only up the mountain but down as well.

hardrox_aThe School of Hard Rocks foundation is built on an intermediate level weekend camp called the Michaux MTB School. Occurring in March, it is held in Michaux State Forest, which is well known on the east coast for its unrelenting rock gardens and raw, style trails. This camp is designed as a way to start the year off right: spending 3 days focused on skills riding. “It’s just like putting in your base miles every winter. It is great to spend some dedicated time getting used to riding technical terrain again after a long winter- you know, shaking out the cobwebs,” says camp director Zach Adams. Core instructors Harlan Price, Matt Miller, and Sue Haywood ensure a top-notch instructional experience, while bringing in some top pro’s, like Cheryl Sornson and Adam Craig, adds a different perspective and really rounds out the experience. Throw in some slightly chilly cabins, some delicious food, lots of rocks, and you have a fantastic weekend building, or fine-tuning, your toolbox of technical skills.

The School of Hard Rocks will also include a variety of clinics throughout the year. These are designed to be introductory level courses on topics including the basics of riding (balance, cornering, braking, etc), basic bike mechanics and maintenance, and skills like log hopping. The clinics will pop-up throughout the Mid-Atlantic, but if you know you and your friends want one near-by, they are available upon request.

With a good foundation established, the advanced Canaan MTB School is the culmination of the program. With two options, a 5-day school and a 3-day ladies only weekend, there are 6 spots in each camp up for grabs for a very personal and in depth block of learning. These two camps get into some serious video analysis, power testing, and some guest appearances from exercise physiologists Matt Miller and Dr. Kristen Dieffenbach. Both are located at a beautiful loft in Davis, West Virginia: a hidden gem of the Appalachians.

For more information, visit the following links: (general info)
Canaan MTB School: Ladies Weekend
Canaan MTB School
Michaux MTB School

Photo: A.E. Landes Photography


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