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The Allure Of The Cross of Yesterday

I admit it, cross is pretty cool and there is no doubt that it has a loyal following of racers and fans. Cross has everything from roadies looking to un-clench their buttocks and play in the mud with $1,500+ carbon wheels, to mountain bikers who aren’t ready to stop racing for the season, to spectators […]


A Little More Iron Cross & Bike Talk

Can I get more Iron Cross? Iron Cross IX is coming up Sunday and it looks like some fine weather to race Cross in! Of course by “cross” I mean going up (6,000 feet of elevation gain!), down and around Pennsylvania’s Michaux State Forest for 100K (or the 50K race if that pumps your tube). Also […]


Iron Cross 2011 Preview

NoTubes Iron Cross – North America’s Longest ‘Cross Race The Michaux State Forest in south central Pennsylania plays host for the ninth straight year to the original, “What the heck do I ride in this thing?” race, NoTubes Iron Cross on October 9, 2011. The Longest ‘Cross Race in North America; its unique mix of […]


More UltraCrossness

Another reminder that 3 Peaks USA- the 2nd stop in the American UltraCX Series- is coming up this Sunday the 25th. Online registration closes at Noon on Friday the 23rd. Next up after 3 Peaks USA is Race #3: Iron Cross on Sunday, October 9th. Check out some Iron Cross video from 2010… The Hilly Billy […]


More American Ultra Cross Series Info

The American Ultra Cross Series site is had been updated with the the 2011/12 schedule, rules, and some other info. 2011/2012 Series Dates Round #1 – June 25th, 2011 – Hilly Billy Roubaix Round #2 – September 25th, 2011 – Three Peaks USA Round #3 – October 9th, 2011 – Iron Cross Round #4 – […]


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