XXC Magazine would like to congratulate Derek Clark of Wolverhampton, England. Derek’s name was drawn at random* as the winner of the XXC/Bikeflights/MBR Random Prize Drawing. Derek will be getting a pair of MBR socks, a variety of XXC stickers, a Bikeflights Brauler and T Shirt.

Thanks to all the folks who entered the contest simply by picking up a copy of XXC Magazine No. 18 between the dates of July 23rd and August 23rd. Thanks to Bikeflights and Mountain Bike Radio for the goodies, I urge you to check both of these fine companies out.

If you don’t know, Ben at MBR is delivering some of the best mountain bike content out there to your ears everyday. By the way, did you also know that you can now download the MBR App right to your phone? The Androit version is live and available now through Amazon and the Apple version is coming soon, so tay tuned and keep your ears open for that.

For your folks traveling around to races or taking bike-cations to explore and ride new places check Bikeflights! They are the ultimate source for making sure you get your bike where you are going cheaply, safely and packed right.

Thanks again everyone.

Jason Mahokey
XXC Magazine

*NOTE the winner was done by matching using to pick a number at random. 47 was the number, Derek was the 47th person to pick up an issue of XXC No. 18. WINNER!

A Look At The 2013 X100

The following is my personal experiences at the X100 (I raced the 50 mile race) this past Saturday. It is basically a re-post from my personal blog (thus it being mostly about me and my follies), I have included some additional results and information to make it at least at tad bit interesting for anyone not me. My views and comments are based on the 50 mile race. I can’t speak for what the hundie was like.

After months of anticipation, the time for the inaugural X100 race just outside of Traverse City, Michigan had finally come. As a Michigander via Pennsylvania I was pretty happy to see the state get its third 100 mile mountain bike race, joining the three year old Hanson Hills 100 and the long running Lumberjack 100 events. Continue Reading →

Kenda NUE Series #11: Hampshire 100

KENDA NUE Series #11
Presented by Hammer Nutrition
Hampshire 100 Race Report
August 18, 2013


In 1809, General John Stark, a Revolutionary War Soldier from New Hampshire, declined an invitation to a Battle of Bennington reunion because he was ill. Since he could not make the event, he sent a letter with the quote “Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.” that was to be read for the toast. New Hampshire later used part of this toast for their State motto: Live Free or Die. The Hampshire 100, located in Greenfield, NH, decided to use a portion of this motto on their race logo “Live Free & Bike!” Continue Reading →

2013 Mongolia Bike Challenge Preview

2013 Genco Mongolia Bike Challenge presented by Orbea – Official Race Preview


Deep International Field to Descend on Mongolia this September to Battle for the Pink Jersey

By Team MBC
August 19, 2013

The 2013 Genco Mongolia Bike Challenge presented by Orbea has attracted a deep field of endurance mountain bike racers from 23 countries to compete in the fourth edition this September 1st to 7th in Mongolia.

Continue Reading →