Holy Race Weekend!

This weekend is one of those weekends that just has a TON of racing going on. Just take a look at this mass of human suffering fun that’s going on over the next couple days…

The Cohutta 100

The N.U.E. series kicks off in Ducktown, Tennessee and will have all the big guns there: Jeremiah Bishop,  Mike Simonson (Interviewed in XXC #15), Christian Tanguy, Ernesto Marenchin, Jonathan Davis (from XXC Podcast #11) and a host of other big names will throwing down in the Men’s Open class. XXC pod co-host Zandr is will also be lining up with these guys (or at least behind them somewhere) for his first hundie. Good luck Zandr, can’t wait to hear about it. Also look for strong races from Matt Ferrari and Gerry Pflug in the singlespeed class.

Cohutta also has a large Women’s field, with close to 30 racers on the start list and features a bunch of super fast ladies: Vicki Barclay (best accent in the N.U.E. series), Amanda Carey, Cheryl Sornson, and of course “friend of the show” and XXC contributor Andrea Wilson (most likely racing singlespeed). Nice to see the Women’s field getting bigger and better every year.

Trans Iowa

As we move West we stop in Iowa for the 325+ mile kick in the crotch known as Trans Iowa. Looks like this one is gonna be cool and a bit damp, but hopefully those gravel road stay dry enough for some fast racing. As you know (or may not) T.I. is put on by XXC friend Guitar Ted. Mark, er I mean Guitar Ted hopes to once again provide audio updates throughout the weekend on his blog -g-tedproductions.blogspot.com, so keep an ear out for those.

The Whiskey 50

Then there’s the Whiskey 50. This race rivals (or possibly exceeds) Cohutta for the number of big name Pro men and women racers set to take part… For the Women there’s “Pua” Mata, Kelli Emmett, Sonya Looney, Alison Mann, Sarah Kaufmann, Heather Irmiger, Katie Comton to name a few. For the Men there’s Alex Grant, Carl Decker, Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski, Barry Wicks, Blake Harlan, Jason Sager, etc., etc., etc., I men it’s nuts. Oh yeah, I almost forgot… my friend, contributor and XXC podcast co-host Ben Welnak will also be lining up with the Pros. VERY anxious to hear and see what Ben has to say about the race.  GOOD LUCK BEN!

To find out pretty much everything you need to know about the Whiskey Off-Road weekend and the Whiskey 50 check out the just released XXC Podcast #15. We talk to Whiskey race director Todd Sadow. It’s a good one.

The Michaux Maximus

Race #1 in the Michaux Endurance Series kicks off this Sunday the Michaux Maximus race. Pennsylvania’s Michaux State Forest is infamous for its trails that take a toll on both rider and bike. Maximus will have racers taking on 40 miles of trail and over 4,000′ of elevation gain just to add to their infamy! A quick look at the start list shows a huge mix of fast racers from all over the Mid Atlantic region. Should be a good one for sure.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. Ride hard, ride fast, don’t break anything.