XXC Holiday Gifty Bits: XXC Magazine

Yep, you knew sooner or later I had to do a shameless plug for the magazine. Print versions of the magazine are available at MagCloud.com and I can assure you that if you have a friend, companion, husband, wife, enemy, buddy, mate, lover, hater, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, etc., etc., who digs endurance mountain bike racing and all day adventures in the dirt (and sometimes snow) you should pick up a copy or ten for them, they will love you. I highly recommend the 2012 editions (issues 15 – 17)… perfect bound spine*, heavier paper, minimal advertising (as always, that’s sort of why the mag’s in the mess it is), photos and stories from racers around the world. Plus the more people the see XXC the more people who will say “DAYYYYUMM we need a magazine like this to keep going or the world as we know it will be the worse for it!!” Ha! I am fooling around of course, but not completely…. I do think they will dig the mag though and will want to hold onto it and not throw it away like an old People or a stack of used porn.

Visit MagCloud.com to order print mags [HERE] or you can always visit the xxcxmag.com store to order a T shirt or some stickers for stocking stuffers! Nothing says “Happy holidays!” like an XXC “Fun Hurts” bumper sticker.

OK, I promise that is my last shameless plug for the year.

*NOTE: Many other issue of XXC Magazine are also perfect bound and will say to the left when you click on the mag along with size and page count. Some are also noted with the term Deluxe.)

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