Hellhole Gravel Grind Stage Race


Check out this info on a new gravel stage race that is coming to South Carolina, it looks to be a good one!

The Hellhole Gravel Grind Stage Race is a Prologue, 2-day Stage Race and 1-day Race taking place on the gravel forest service roads in and around the Hellhole Swamp in the Francis Marion National Forest just outside of Charleston, South Carolina.


The Hellhole Gravel Grind Prologue, 2-Day Stage Race and 1-Day Race will take place on the gravel roads in and around Hellhole Swamp in the Francis Marion National Forest. The forest is named for the revolutionary war hero Francis Marion, who was known to the British as the Swamp Fox. He used these swamps, creeks and forest areas to ambush and hide from the British and was depicted in the movie “The Patriot”.

The Friday evening Prologue will be an optional, time bonus event on an all gravel 5 mile loop around the Witherbee Ranger Station. The time trial style event will begin at sunset so headlights and tail lights will be required.

The 2-Day Stage Race will be approximately 65 miles each day with a different courses each day. The courses will be 90%+ of unpaved roads and trails. This is a true stage race with the lowest cumulative time over the two days determining the overall winner.

For those less ambitious, there will be a 1-Day 65 mile and 30 mile race on the first day of the Stage Race.


  • Men Open
  • Men Open 40+
  • Women Open

One stocked aid station will be available on each days course and limited support will be provided along the courses. Bring what you think you may need. Cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes will all be permitted but the cyclocross bike will have the advantage.

For more information on the race keep an eye on the Hell Hole Gravel Grind Facebook page.

Editor’s Note: At post time whether Francis Marion actually said “Give me gravel or give me death.” is up for debate. We are in touch with both gravel and Revolutionary War historians to confirm.

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