Drinking and Mr. Furley

I saw a post on Facebook by Guitar Ted earlier today about Trek’s recently unveiled Farley fat bike. Someone make a mistaken comment about how the name was already taken by Raleigh for their singlespeed disc brake CX bike. G-Ted of  course pointed out that the Raleigh bike was the FUREly not a FARley. Furley (for those of you born after 1980) is taken from the character Mr. Furely (Don Knotts) on the show Three’s Company. The Farley (it is assumed) takes its name from the less than thin, formerly alive actor/comedian Chris Farely of Saturday Night Live fame and such award-winning (?) films as Tommy Boy and Beverly Hills Ninja.

Anyway, like any Facebook-er taking in their morning cup of coffee before actually not doing any work, I of course had to put in my 2¢ by making a comment and posting a photo of Mr. Furley which I grabbed from a Google search. Nothing odd, shocking or funny about that.

What WAS odd to me was the search result categories and what they contained…


I love that there is a category for Mr. Furley images called Drinking AND that within this category there is a photo of The Furley CX bike. Cross? Drinking? Mr. Furley?? Sweet.

Now that bigger questions remain: why did I feel the need to post this and where can I get one of those badass orange jumpsuits???

Just doing my part to take this site further and further away from providing you anything real and newsworthy.



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