XXC Magazine: The purveyors of long, hard, dirty fun.

XXC Magazine was a digital magazine and website dedicated to endurance mountain bike racing and epic rides in the dirt: 100 mile races, multi-hour endurance events, stage races, bikepacking, gravel racing, ultra cross and all day adventures. There was also more than a fair share of cross-country, fat bike and cyclocross racing.

XXC Magazine featured articles, photos, essays and stories that illustrated the pain, emotion, humor and the occasional absurdity that can be mountain bike racing.

XXC Magazine received very little paid advertising, was not owned by a publishing group or a group of industry insiders, it’s just one man with a love for racing bikes on dirt, a Mac and spare room office.

The Publisher

XXC Magazine was published by me (Jason Mahokey). I have been riding mountain bikes since the early 90′s and racing them unsuccessfully for nearly as long.

In my racing and riding I almost always suffer like a dog in an attempt to get a mid pack at best finish. I am also the sort that slows down during a race not just to dry heave on the side of the trail, but also to soak in a view and remind myself of why I love racing and riding my bike. I guess that is sort of what XXC Magazine was- a way to remind readers of why they love racing and riding their bikes.

In 2011 my family and I relocated from Western Pennsylvania to Central Michigan. Here I continue to enjoy all the suffering that comes from racing my bike, riding endless miles of dirt and gravel roads, small town life with my wife and son, and fine Michigan brewed craft beer.

With the magazine not in full on “finished” mode, I spend my time looking for work, doing freelance graphics jobs, riding my bike and working on my ongoing blog/personal cycling manifesto.

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