2013 Tatanka 100 Preview

tatanka100logoRide The Bull… The Tatanka 100

Two weeks ago N.U.E. series racers were “treated” to three laps of dusty Michigan singletrack at the Lumberjack 100. This week racers head to the scenic Black Hills of Sturgis, South Dakota where the Tatanka 100 will take racers on one 100+ mile grand loop that features over 60 miles of singletrack, 40+ miles of double track, service roads and rail-trails and includes over 12,000 feet of elevation gain at an average elevation of 4,800′ above sea level (4,000+ feet higher than racers found themselves at the Lumberjack).


In his race report, last year’s winner Drew Edsall (Kenda/Felt) described the race as having some of the best singletrack he’s ridden and even the double track and rail grades as being very much NOT boring with incredible scenery, tunnels and bridges to keep one more than occupied.

Edsall took the win in 2012 in a time of 8:21 and will be back in 2013. Along with looking for wins, racers the likes of Edsall, Andy Applegate, Gerry Pflug, Denise Coppock and Cheryl Sornson and a host of others will be looking to break the sub-eight hour mark and take home a bling-tastic, big ass, Mt. T. meets Tatanka 100 ring.


You can check out the full roster of racers looking to take on the challenge of the Tatanka 100 below. Stay tuned to xxcmag.com and the xxcmag.com Facebook page for results and more from the race. Best of luck to you all from XXC Magazine and xxcmag.com.

Men’s Open

Ryan Heerschap
Michael Willig
Chad Bergan
Pete Jaros
Chance Burleson
David Kent
Jason Theis
Jeremy Larsen
Lance Windey
Owen Britton
Craig Nadel
Andy Applegate
Michael Baum
Ryan Niesent
Phillip Hantel
Tad Costello
Jewett Perry
Randy Foudray
Ben “mountainbikeradio.com” Welnak
Paul Berry
Zack Stone
Scott Cleaver
Billdozer Colson
Jake Anderson
James Meyer
Mike Fitzgerald
Drew Edsall
Alexander Kurland
Dean Rogers
Wayne Cook
Robert Carrera
Jon Conover
Eric Coomer
Lee Simril
Samual Greear
Shane DeMars
Christian Seeley
Gail Strom
Jim Thacker
Matt Kretchmar
Brett Heuring
Wayne Zantow
John Eppen
Sean Wieseler
David Grundstrom
Michael Benoski
Yuri Cook
Christopher Knoll
TJ Loftus
Jeffery Foes

Women’s Open

Niki Milleson
Julie Urlaub
Linda Shin
Jeni Roosen
Cheryl Sornson
Alice Drobna
Lorinda Putter
Katie Anderson
Alyssa Biel
Nancy Busching
Denise Coppock
Brenda Simril


Phil Schneider
Craig Fleetwood
AJ Linnell
Sonny Andrick
Craig Christopherson
Doug Andrews
Gerry Pflug
Ken Davis
Jordan Radin
Kelly Klett
Adam Clarke
Greg Sherwin
Dwayne Goscinski
Peat Henry
Adam Miller
Dirk Gustin
Trevor Rockwell

Men’s 50+

William Pontious
Monte Hewett
Time Burke
David Jolin
Paul Bosworth
Phile Swaney
Marland Whaley
Thomas Woods
Robert Foudray
Brent Kertzman
Chris Irving




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