2013 Farmer’s Fat Bike Photos


Slideshow test is HERE.

Audio Test: MBR Interview with Jay Petervary


How are you preparing for the more technical riding of Pennsylvania, The trails in the mountains of PA differ somewhat to the (mostly) buff singletrack found in the midwest? (I believe I saw on your blog that you were getting freaky on a Trek Fuel EX 9 out in Arizona a few months back, was that “PA rocks preparedness training?” ha!)

Rocks! I can’t wait to rip some technical trails! I really like technical mountain bike racing and there is not that much in the midwest. I come from the old school days of NORBA racing at Mt. Snow, Vermont, Snowshoe, West Virginia and Seven Springs, Pennsylvania… I’m really looking forward to the technical challenge. It was probably when I couldn’t get enough of the amazing trails down in Tucson that I started thinking about the TSE. Day after day after day of ripping on the FUEL EX and having a blast was probably what sealed the deal! I also decided last minute to do the WEMS (Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series) last weekend at the Northern Kettle Moraine Forrest (see XXC’s coverage here). It’s pretty rocky out there so I went for it and had some good times on the new Superfly 100 over some wet rocks and roots.


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